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Re: Renaming NEWS

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: Renaming NEWS
Date: Mon, 21 May 2007 10:42:50 +0200
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Glenn Morris <address@hidden> writes:

> Miles Bader wrote:
>> It won't complicate things if the file is truly renamed, i.e., the
>> existing arch-targ: in NEWS is kept in NEWS.22 (and omitted from the
>> _new_ NEWS file).  [BTW, if you create a new file, don't add an empty
>> arch-tag: line or anything, just leave it out, and one will get added
>> during syncing.]
> Nifty.
> It also seems time (again, as Kim said earlier) for a fresh
> lisp/ChangeLog and a new lisp/ChangeLog.12. The right thing to do here
> is create ChangeLog.12 as a new file with no arch tag, and move most
> of the current contents of ChangeLog there, right?

Including moving the arch tag, I suppose.

> That way, when you sync things from lisp/ChangeLog on the release
> branch, they will go into lisp/ChangeLog rather than ChangeLog.12.

I don't think we really should sync anything from the release branch
for now.  Fixes should make their way from the trunk to the release
branch, not the other way round.  And they should be few enough that
synching them manually between ChangeLog and ChangeLog should be
workable (arch would presumably want to synch between ChangeLog.12 and

> What do people think the best split date is? The base of the release
> branch, or perhaps 2006-12-31, to match ChangeLog.11?

Base of release branch would be my preference.

> BTW I'm not saying any of this needs to be done in a rush.

We should do this before any branch merge, I think.

David Kastrup

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