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Re: CVS is the `released version'

From: Robert J. Chassell
Subject: Re: CVS is the `released version'
Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 19:08:23 +0000 (UTC)

[regarding baseless litigation] 

   The scenario you describes relies on the GPL not holding up in court. 

On the contrary, I am assuming we win, that the attacker goes into the
process knowing he will lose in court.

    Again, nothing to do with package.el.

That presumes that every package comes from a safe repository.  I am
sure that most will.  But the goal is to make it easier to load
packages.  That has everything to do with package.el.

All I am suggesting is a little caution, not a huge amount; that is a
defeat.  But no caution is risky, too.  People I know, like me, tend
to be on the less cautious side.  I think that is a good thing.  But
no caution at all is foolish.

Ah, you will say, nobody I know is that foolish!  But there are people
in our community who are -- that is the problem.

It is much better to be friendly and to help strangers.  It is more
efficient.  But we have got too threatening to those who prefer
feudalism, with them on top, to permit foolishness.  A little caution
is a good idea.

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