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Re: CVS is the `released version'

From: Robert J. Chassell
Subject: Re: CVS is the `released version'
Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 15:19:43 +0000 (UTC)

    > Suppose a program in the package repository has been placed
    > there in order to hurt?

    And how would that hurt?

Baseless litigation that takes you away from programming.  Most likely
the victim would be American, although anyone in a country that has
accepted the WIPO treaty is at risk.

    > Bear in mind, a statement on the program that `this is licensed
    > under the GPL' does not count.

    Could you please explain what the problem is that you are talking

Baseless litigation by someone who wants to hurt and who `makes a
mistake' so the penalties for fraud are not imposed by a court.

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