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Re: modify-syntax-entry and UTF8?

From: Geoffrey Alan Washburn
Subject: Re: modify-syntax-entry and UTF8?
Date: Fri, 25 May 2007 09:48:47 -0400
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Stefan Monnier wrote:

Try to use C-M-f and C-M-b to see if the code correctly counts
opening/closing elements (this code doesn't pay attention to matching or
non-matching elements).  If this works, then 99% of things are right.

Based upon my understanding of backward-sexp and forward-sexp, this doesn't work correctly either. Or at least not entirely analogously to parens, square-brackets, etc. If I use
forward-sexp with the point on just


it jumps to just after the \langle.  Similarly for

        ⟨   ⟩

If I do backward-sexp just after the \rangle the point will move on top of the \rangle. If I do a backward-sexp while on the \rangle instead of giving me an error (like it appears to do for parens, etc.) it moves the point on top of the \langle.

Then, please tell us what you use to cause face-highlighting of those
opening&closing elements.  Ideally, give us a recipe starting from
"emacs -Q" which can reproduce your problem.

Okay, starting from emacs -Q, enter "⟨ ⟩" and "( )". Then using C-U C-X = verify that these two pairs of glyphs are indeed considered to be a matching pair in the current syntax table. Then to enable show-paren-mode. Moving the point on top of "(" or just after ")" will cause both glyphs to become "highlighted". Moving the point on top of "⟨" or just after "⟩" will instead just highlight the first or the second respectively. forward-sexp and backward-sexp behave as described above.

Emacs's font handling is quite different.  You may need to help it a bit by
specifying which font to use.  I'm not sure how to do that since you seem to
be using the emacs-unicode branch and I'm not yet familiar enough with it.

Maybe start a different thread about it, and don't forget to mention
emacs-unicode in there so the right people will look at it.

        Sure.  Thanks.

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