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Re: Post-22.1 development?

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Post-22.1 development?
Date: Tue, 05 Jun 2007 18:33:01 -0400

    1. Two new files:

       2007-06-04  Michael Albinus  net/socks.el
       2007-05-31  Stefan Monnier   textmodes/css-mode.el

It would be ok to include those two, since it is safe,
and url wants socks.

    2. Several package updates and enhancements:

       2007-05-28  Michael Albinus  Tramp 2.0.56.

I don't know what the change was, but Tramp is hairy,
so I would rather not put that into 22.2.

       2007-06-03  Nick Roberts     [Terminal mouse enhancements]
       ....                        xt-mouse.el, t-mouse.el, keyboard.c, ...

Definitely not.  That is hairy.

       2007-05-21  Chong Yidong     [image uncaching code]
                                    image.c, image-mode.el

I don't recall what that was.

       2007-05-24  Chong Yidong     image-mode.el [scrolling in image-mode]

What do you think?

       2007-05-22  Jan Djärv        Use find-source-lisp-file in help-fns.el

I think we can do without that.

       2007-05-17  Vinicius Jose Latorre  Printing 6.9

What was the change?

       2007-06-01  David Kastrup

       * dired.el (dired-recursive-deletes, dired-recursive-copies):
         Change default to `top'.

I think we should put that in.

       2007-06-03  Sam Steingold  <address@hidden>

         Add TIMESTAMP to LOC to handle "incremental compilation", e.g.,
         with `omake -P': the compilation process never terminates and
         automatically recompiles modified files.

         * progmodes/compile.el (compilation-loop): VISITED is not 5th CDR.
         (compilation-next-error-function): Set TIMESTAMP.

Not that.

       2007-06-03  Sam Steingold  <address@hidden>

         * files.el (kill-buffer-ask): New function.
         (kill-some-buffers): Use it.
         (kill-matching-buffers): New user command.

Not that.

       2007-05-23  Eli Zaretskii  <address@hidden>

         * tar-mode.el (tar-header-block-summarize, tar-summarize-buffer)
         (tar-get-descriptor): Handle type 55, an extended pax header.

We should install that, so because it is a matter of completeness
in handling files you may encounter.

       2007-05-22  Martin Rudalics  <address@hidden>

         * syntax.c (scan_words): Fix arg to UPDATE_SYNTAX_TABLE_BACKWARD.

That bug fix yes.

       2007-04-29  Andreas Schwab  <address@hidden>

         * lisp.h (VECSIZE): Use OFFSETOF.

I think that is a cleanup, right?  No need to put it in 22.2.

       2007-04-28  Richard Stallman  <address@hidden>

         * lread.c (read_escape): In a string, \s is always space.

That is not crucial.  So don't put it in 22.2.

    5. And a big pile of changes by Stefan Monnier.  [Stefan, can you
       handle the merge for these by yourself?]

         keymap.c emacs-lisp/derived.el emacs-lisp/copyright.el edmacro.el
         ediff-init.el cus-dep.el composite.el autoinsert.el
         textmodes/sgml-mode.el textmodes/tex-mode.el diff-mode.el
         emacs-lisp/advice.el newcomment.el textmodes/sgml-mode.el vc.el
         progmodes/python.el diff.el

I would rather that Stefan give us a list of the specific ones of these
that he proposes for 22.2, and for each one, why.

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