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Re: propose adding Icicles to Emacs

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: propose adding Icicles to Emacs
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2007 17:48:53 -0400

    > I don't understand why it makes sense to do completion on regexps.
    > Would you please explain?

    This is, in my experience, the single most important (useful) feature that
    Icicles has to offer. It is way out in front of any other Icicles feature or
    combination of features in terms of its practical value. The benefits are
    well documented in the doc I sent you (which is also on the wiki).

    Two of the basic features of Icicles are (1) cycling among matching
    candidates and (2) being able to match a regexp, not just a prefix.

Are we talking about the same thing?  I am talking about this

    2. My `customize-apropos', `customize-apropos-faces',
    `customize-apropos-groups', `customize-apropos-options', and
    `repeat-complex-command' all use `completing-read' to read the regexp.

but you seem to be talking about entering a regexp
to do completion feature.

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