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Re: gtk scroll bar deficiency

From: grischka
Subject: Re: gtk scroll bar deficiency
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2007 15:32:06 +0200

> The only cases where the "inconsistency" of the behavior is notable and
> where line-based counting would fare better is when you have a page full of
> empty lines mixed with other part full of long dense lines.  This is
> extremely rare.

This would then be a rare case where it is extremely notable.  

> Instead, the "inconsistent" behavior is more commonly due to images
> (scrolling images is currently poorly supported under Emacs) or to
> invisible text.
> But feel free to try and write a patch to count based on lines
> and let other people try it.
>         Stefan

Shure, but you might want to make people happy with your own 
metaphores, not with someone else's. 

--- grischka

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