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Re: propose adding Icicles to Emacs

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: propose adding Icicles to Emacs
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2007 17:31:12 -0400

    > Not a good idea in fact.  Face completions displayed in different faces
    > are hardly readable, and some of them which have black foreground on black
    > background (e.g. cursor, mouse, border) are not readable at all.

    I find it _very_ helpful. What you say is true for only a few corner cases,
    in general.

The current code handles all cases acceptably.  It sounds like your
method is better in most cases, but much worse in a few cases.
As it is, we cannot use it.

    instance, even if you can't read its name in *Completions*, and you can't
    guess what it is by its position in the alphabetized list,...

It is not acceptable for that to happen.

However, maybe someone can turn your feature into a good one by adding
a special case check for the cases that look bad with your code, and
treat them differently.  The result could be a feature that is always
acceptable, while still having the same benefits in the usual case.
That would be something we could install.

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