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Re: Things I would like to be added after the release

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Things I would like to be added after the release
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2007 04:09:11 -0400
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> A)      maintaining a package inside Emacs is somehow different
>         than maintaining it "outside"

Here's my take on it: if I modify function FOO in subr.el which is advised
by package BAR, and my modification breaks BAR, there are 2 possible cases:
1 - BAR is not in Emacs: I get to say "tough!".  I.e. I don't need to know
    or care that some other external package advises FOO.
2 - BAR is in Emacs: I have to figure out that BAR is broken and then I have
    to fix it.

BTW the advantage of hooks here is that when I modify FOO, I get to see that
there's a hook here, so I know I have to be careful to preserve the behavior
of the hook when modifying FOO, since I otherwise risk breaking some other
package using the hook.


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