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Re: `*' interactive spec in some text-killing functions

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: `*' interactive spec in some text-killing functions
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2007 16:51:52 +0200
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Vinicius Jose Latorre <address@hidden> writes:

> And if the background color of "Ovwrt" in the modeline is changed to
> another color (for example, red as in custom-invalid face)?

What has Ovwrt to do with it?  If at all, we can _flash_ the readonly
mark in the mode line red for a few seconds _when_ somebody tries
changing a readonly buffer: _that_ is the mode/mark/button that is
relevant for the error, and clicking _there_ can change the readonly

But Ovwrt has _nothing_ to do with this at all.  Whether or not it is
active does not change one iota about what keys lead to errors and
what keys don't.

If you turn it red in readonly buffers, it will be nothing but a red
herring.  It is completely unrelated to any prospective error/problem.

David Kastrup

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