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Re: Saving the selection before killing

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Saving the selection before killing
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2007 00:25:21 -0400

    Search for klipper in etc/PROBLEMS.  Now this proposal will make Emacs 
    like a buggy klipper.

I think that's somewhat of an exaggeration.  Emacs would only request
the selection when you type a kill command at it.

This may or may not be a good feature, but I don't think it is decided
by that.

      If the selection in large, Emacs will be slow 
    and unresponsive.

That is a real factor.  We need people to try it and see
how big a facter it is.

                       The selection may be data Emacs can't handle anyway, 
    as audio data.

That is a real issue too.  If we make this an Emacs features,
it means, in effect, that users should check for a selection in
other windows before typing a kill command in Emacs.

So the question is whether that is a convenient way to use Emacs.

    The time it takes to send a request to the X server and get a reply.  But 
    a "normal" X session, you almost always have a selection somewhere.

If that is true, doesn't it impact Emacs a lot?  If you go to the
Emacs window and type C-y, do you nearly always get a selection from
some other program?

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