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The splash screens

From: Mathias Dahl
Subject: The splash screens
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2007 12:58:50 +0200

I decided to try out the new splash screen and I have to say that I
like it much better than the old version. I was also curious to see
how it looked in no window mode and was surprised that the two splash
screens was so different.

In -nw mode:

1. There are much fewer options. Is this because of limited screen
(terminal) estate?

2. Only a few choices are "linked", why not make all of them linked so
that you can navigate to them easily with TAB? In window mode they are
all linked.

3. The layout and information is very different in some respects. In
the window version there are links to Absence of Warranty and Getting
New Versions, while in -nw mode this is expressed with a special
section that comes below all the choices.

In window mode:

1. Why mention twice how to recover a crashed session? It feels like
it would be enough to keep the note at the bottom of the screen
(hopefully recovering crashed sessions is not so common so keeping it
at the bottom is OK).

2. The useful tasks like visiting a new file comes too far down, in my
opinion. They are much more visible in -nw mode.

3. Do we really need to mention Useful File menu items? A user will
find Exit Emacs easily enough and Recover Crashed Session is kind of
self explaining as well. Removing this section would bring the Useful
tasks more into focus.

4. I think we could move the following to the bottom:

 Absence of Warranty
 Copying Conditions
 Getting New Versions
 More Manuals / Ordering Manuals


Some items have the key bindings printed, some don't and I don't see
any logic in which are printed and not. In window mode there are very
few bindings printed.

I like the -nw splash screen better as it is shorter and more concise.



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