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Re: 23.0.50; log-view-current-file error

From: Dan Nicolaescu
Subject: Re: 23.0.50; log-view-current-file error
Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2007 07:26:10 -0700

Leo <address@hidden> writes:

  > On 2007-09-06 06:29 +0100, Dan Nicolaescu wrote:
  > >   > DVC is superior in design.
  > >
  > > It would be interesting to find out more about that... 
  > You can find out more at the following email list
  > address@hidden
  > or
  > gmane.emacs.dvc.devel

Given that you made statements about the DVC design superiority, why
don't you present that here instead of having everyone looking for
clues on a mailing list? This should help in the future if DVC is
proposed for inclusion in emacs.

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