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Re: ";0c" in terminal with slow connections

From: Dan Nicolaescu
Subject: Re: ";0c" in terminal with slow connections
Date: Sat, 08 Sep 2007 09:17:03 -0700

[Maybe you are not aware, but your tone sounds irritating. Please be
more careful on this mailing list.]

Vincent Lefevre <address@hidden> writes:

  > On 2007-09-08 01:35:14 -0700, Dan Nicolaescu wrote:
  > > Vincent Lefevre <address@hidden> writes:
  > >   > Why not let the user configure his xterm the way he likes?
  > > 
  > > You are missing the point, this is done because we would like the users
  > > to transparently take advantage of this feature without having to
  > > configure anything.
  > But what about users who are used to the current configuration
  > or have their own configuration? 

Can you please give a precise example of what you mean?

  > If this feature is so important to have it without configuring
  > anything, then why doesn't xterm enable it by default?

Don't know, please find out from the xterm guys and report back here.

  > >   > If you enable modifyOtherKeys, won't the configuration change
  > >   > for other applications running in xterm?
  > > 
  > > Emacs restores the setting on suspend and quit.
  > This is not sufficient:
  >   * Emacs won't be able to do anything for screen users, after
  >     detaching a session running Emacs or after switching the
  >     screen window.

Screen sets TERM to screen, so this won't affect such users.

  >   * If Emacs crashes (this hasn't happened yet with Emacs22,
  >     though), the configuration will not be restored.
  >   * In case of a SSH or dialup connection, if the connection closes
  >     because of some network problem (this occurs quite frequently),
  >     the configuration will not be restored either.

We can only do a best effort.

  > >   > What if the user has set up VT100 translations corresponding
  > >   > to C-. C-, and so on?
  > > 
  > > I am not sure what is your point here.
  > The user can bind some key sequences (in general, ones that are not
  > used in the terminal itself) to some xterm functions (e.g. to do
  > scrolling, paste strings and so on). This is done with the VT100
  > translations resource. What is the effect of modifyOtherKeys on
  > these bindings? (I don't have a xterm here to try...)

You seem to know about this stuff, why don't you try it and report any
problems that you find here.

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