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Re: ";0c" in terminal with slow connections

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: ";0c" in terminal with slow connections
Date: Sat, 08 Sep 2007 22:13:02 -0400

    I don't remember finding any terminal where it would hang. But almost
    all terminal emulators call themselves xterm nowadays, so there's a
    chance that somebody does not implement this correctly.

Shouldn't you call the xterm-inator to get rid of bugs like that?

Seriously, if that happens, users should complain and get that
terminal emulator fixed.  In the mean time, they can probably use
a different emulator.

The real problem caused by the timeout are really Emacs' fault, and
could not be fixed elsewhere.  The hypothetical problem of the
emulator that does not respond is a bug in another program and ought
to be fixed there.

If Emacs could defend itself against such bugs without causing
a new problem, that would be a good thing.  So it was worth a try.
But now that we see this defense causes another problem, my conclusion
is to take out the defense measure (the timeout).

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