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Re: .emacs-settings.el

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: .emacs-settings.el
Date: Sat, 08 Sep 2007 16:17:23 -0600
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>>>>> "tvr" == T V Raman <address@hidden> writes:

tvr> while we  think of project specific settings, it would also be
tvr> nice to see if we could create the ability to export a set of
tvr> related options from custom.

Yeah, that's on the project.el wish-list.

Also, it would be nice if some "project-centric" things like
compile-history, gdb command lines, and the tags buffer were made
per-project; and if desktop.el understood that and saved them as such.

For me TAGS in particular comes up quite a bit, as I often edit
different branches of GCC at the same time, and if I forget to switch
TAGS files I will occasionally editing the wrong copy of a file.

I haven't gotten around to experimenting with this stuff yet.  My
Emacs wish-list is pretty long and time is limited.  Adding useful IDE
features to Emacs is one of the bigger things on the list... I love
Emacs but recent experience with Eclipse has shown me some ways that
Emacs has fallen behind.


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