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Re: New start up splash screen annoyance...

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: New start up splash screen annoyance...
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2007 11:49:28 -0400

    Our projects are organized in directory trees. For security
    reasons the root directory of each project is protected by ACLs.
    Write access is limited to the member of the projects' group.
    When somebody starts working on a project he has to start a setup
    script. This starts new shell, sets the projects' group to the
    primary group, and sets several environment variables.
    Then the user normally starts an Emacs and keeps it running until
    he has to reboot his computer.

It must be rather inconvenient to have to run multiple Emacs jobs
if you are working on different projects.  If you can think
of Emacs changes that would enable you to avoid that, we could
consider them.

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