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Re: Please install: Some improvements to doc-view.el

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: Please install: Some improvements to doc-view.el
Date: Mon, 08 Oct 2007 22:34:42 +0300
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>>> Since doc-view-mode doesn't call an external viewer, but instead
>>> renders the file as an image inside the Emacs buffer, I think a good
>>> solution would be to use the same user interface as is implemented by
>>> image-mode: by default, visiting a pdf/dvi file could display a
>>> rendered image (which is more preferable for most users than editing
>>> them, I guess).  But if the user still wants to edit the source file
>>> or to view it as text, then the user could type `C-c C-c'.
>> +1
> Would be ok for me, but I'll wait for a decision for the doc-view
> vs. Gnus mechanism before implementing it.

I think Gnus mechanism is irrelevant to doc-view.  Gnus uses mailcap
mechanisms to find the appropriate mailcap entry and run an external
program in a separate process.  doc-view displays the rendered image
in the Emacs buffer.  So it could work exactly as image-mode for
pdf/ps/dvi files.

As for the mailcap feature, I recall there was a proposal to put
programs from the mailcap entry to the default value of the ! command

Juri Linkov

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