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Re: byte compiler warnings when bootstrapping

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: byte compiler warnings when bootstrapping
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 03:12:30 -0400

       For example, suppose we defined a ";;;API" tag line (or preferably
    something less cryptic) to put before the definitions of functions that
    are called elsewhere, by analogy with ";;;AUTOLOAD".  Then, a function
    like batch-update-autoloads could be written that extracted these tagged
    definitions into "declare-function" forms, building an "api-defs.el"
    file that would be loaded into batch-byte-compile jobs in order to
    suppress the "undefined function" warnings without requiring them to be

This approach could, but putting them in one large file "api-defs.el"
would only do the job if we also make in each file state which other
files it really wants to depend on.  You'd need something like
(compile-require 'foo) to tell the compiler to consider the api-defs
info for foo.

Also, this would only work for calling functions in files
that were scanned by the batch process.  And if you update
those files, you would have to rerun the batch process.

Thus, I think my proposal is better in several ways.
It would be just as reliable, for calls to files checked
by the batch process, but it would not limit you.

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