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Re: Is there a plan to record kbd macro as elisp code?

From: yzhh
Subject: Re: Is there a plan to record kbd macro as elisp code?
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2007 05:20:09 +0000 (UTC)
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Kim F. Storm <storm <at> cua.dk> writes:
> IMO, the only real solution is to record the elisp code while recording
> the keyboard macro - as it is possible to cather for changes in
> the mark-active state and insert suitable set-mark commands etc.

I agree.
> Still, I fail to see the real need for the functionality.
> It may be ok as a way to get a starting point for an editing command,
> but only very trivial functions can be written that way anyway - and
> they are just as well written and saved as a series of keystrokes as
> they do now.

These are some benefits I thought of:

1. When modifying these trivial functions, non-sequential control flow
(conditional branches and loops) are available for elisp code, but not for
keystrokes. In such cases a user who's familiar with elisp grammar but not with
emacs command names/args is well served by recorded elisp code.

2. Trivial functions in the form of elisp code is more suitable for sharing with
others - it's not dependent on the keymaps. (Not everyone use standard key
bindings and many have added bindings here and there.)

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