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Re: isearch for doc-view.el

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: isearch for doc-view.el
Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2007 00:29:29 +0200
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>> Isearch on the plain text will provide enough cues to visually locate
>> the place of the found string on the rendered image.
> There are several problems with it:
>   1. The image scrolling commands only scroll on images, so you couldn't
>      scroll down to the text with <down> or C-n.
>      The "Page 1 of 200" text isn't there anymore due to this.  Now it's
>      in the mode-line.  (Thanks to Stefan)
>   2. My main problem with the search approach was that the real isearch
>      happens in another buffer in the background and the doc-view buffer
>      has to be updated accordingly by switching to the right page.  With
>      your approach that would be even harder.  Here, you would have to
>      do the same plus copying the page with the current match from the
>      text representation's buffer to the doc-view buffer plus an
>      additional isearch in the doc-view buffer to highlight the match.

It seems the hardest problem here is fixing scrolling commands to take
into account the text below the image.  Copying the text of the current
page and starting isearch on it should be easy.  Basically isearch in
Info already works this way - when isearch goes to another Info file
then the text in the current Info buffer gets replaced with the text
from another file and isearch continues on the new text.

>      Or do you mean that doc-view should display all images of a
>      document at once, like:  page1.png
>                               page1 text
>                               page2.png
>                               page2 text...

No, I meant displaying only one image and text from the same image at once:

                                page1 text

But maybe for small documents (with small number of pages) displaying
all images at once is more preferable?

Juri Linkov

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