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Re: isearch for doc-view.el

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: isearch for doc-view.el
Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2007 10:14:21 -0500
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> I'm trying to implement that now, but I have some problems with it.  I
> set isearch-search-fun-function buffer-locally to
> doc-view-isearch-function in doc-view-mode.  If I describe this variable
> in a doc-view buffer, it says it hat the desired value.  But when I hit
> C-s to start isearch and edebug isearch-search-fun it shows up that
> isearch-search-fun-function is nil then.  But why is that?

Don't know.  It seems to work more or less here.
(other than an error because the pdf->png sentinel called doc-view-search...
with 0 args).
Also avoid the set-buffer....set-buffer style: use with-current-buffer
instead, it's cleaner and more robust.


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