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Re: declare-function in files from Gnus (hashcash.el, imap.el)

From: Ralf Angeli
Subject: Re: declare-function in files from Gnus (hashcash.el, imap.el)
Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2007 19:28:21 +0100

* Dan Nicolaescu (2007-12-02) writes:

> Ralf Angeli <address@hidden> writes:
>   > If those files belong to a package which is also being maintained in a
>   > different repository and released independently of Emacs, this will
>   > lead to a fork. 
> Such files can just add a 1 line compatibility code:
> (unless (fboundp 'declare-function) (defmacro declare-function (&rest r)))

For RefTeX it would probably be better to add something like this only
once to the file being loaded first.  The content and layout of such
files has changed in RefTeX 4.32 (there now is reftex.el and
reftex-base.el, the former being generated), so I'll take care of this
when this version will be synched to the Emacs repository.  Then I'll
also look after the isearch-related changes and their effect on


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