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RE: address@hidden: use-file-dialog should not apply tomouse in *Complet

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: address@hidden: use-file-dialog should not apply tomouse in *Completions*]
Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2007 11:31:58 -0800

> >     However, I think it is the documentation that needs fixing 
> >     here to match the documentation of read-file-name.
> > This is a real bug; the code needs to be changed.
> > `read-file-name' is supposed to use the file dialog when you invoke
> > the command with the mouse.  The point is that choosing a completion
> > with the mouse, inside M-x, should not count as "invoking the command
> > with the mouse".
> > That is what needs to be changed.  Would someone fix that and ack?
> I think in this case both behaviors can make sense.  It's not clear to
> me that one is better than the other.  Clearly, the M-x had to be typed,
> but the user had to switch to the mouse in order to click the
> `find-file' completion, so maybe she wants to keep using the mouse
> rather than switch back to the keyboard.

That's why the bug report included this:

>> If it's thought that users should be also able
>> to specify the file dialog box for *Completions* (to keep using the
>> mouse to pick the file), then there should be another option for that
>> - it's too common to want a file dialog box for menus and tool-bar
>> buttons but not for *Completions*.

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