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Re: Why Emacs needs a modern bug tracker

From: Martin Geisler
Subject: Re: Why Emacs needs a modern bug tracker
Date: Sun, 06 Jan 2008 21:02:24 +0100
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Richard Stallman <address@hidden> writes:

> [...]
> Can you issue commands by email too?

This is not about the Savannah bug tracker, but as mentioned briefly
elsewhere in this thread the Debian bug tracker can be controlled by
email. I'm a Debian user and have submitted a couple of bugs that way.

Bugs can fully controlled (opened, closed, merged, etc.) using email.
The control messages look like this (I picked bug #100000 as a random

  reassign 100000 xlibs
  merge 100000 96562
  retitle 100000 xlibs: [xkb] Another alt keys not -> meta keysyms report

These commands are included in the email body and sent to
address@hidden All comments and changes to a bug is available


and the submitter and package maintainers are sent email copies of the

I'm sure there are people here who can describe the Debian bug tracker
much better than I can, but I hope the above gives the idea. Much more
information can be found here:


People how know the bug tracker better can probably also comment on
whether or not it can be used outside Debian at all, or if it is too
heavily tied to the Debian infrastructure to be useful elsewhere.

Martin Geisler

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