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Re: Git VC commands on remote file via Tramp

From: André Cruz
Subject: Re: Git VC commands on remote file via Tramp
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2008 12:03:51 +0000

Hello Michael.

On 2008/01/09, at 11:22, Michael Albinus wrote:

Are you sure? I just did a checkout of the latest emacs cvs which has
your changes to vc-git.el and tramp.el and I get the same error:

Have you applied "make bootstrap" after syncing with CVS? I don't see
the git calls in the trace which shall happen now.

You're right. Didn't know I had to do that.
It works. :)

Also... Will I be able to backport these changes to 22.1? I work on an
OSX machine and there is no Carbon support on the latest 23.0

I don't believe so. vc-git.el is not there, and Tramp 2.0 (which is
the version in Emacs 22) is seriously different to Tramp 2.1.

That's a shame...

André Cruz

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