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RE: wrong-type-argument in gud-tooltip-mode

From: Herbert Euler
Subject: RE: wrong-type-argument in gud-tooltip-mode
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2008 13:22:29 +0800

>>> Buffers whose name start with a space character do not visit files,
>> Sorry, this is not precise. I meant the buffers whose names looks like
>> " *string-output*", " *Echo Area 0*" etc.
> I don't follow, gud-tooltip-mode is not trying to match these buffer names.
> They should be excluded because the value of gud-minor-mode should be nil
> in them. What value do thay have for gud-minor-mode?
> Clearly there's a bug but I think it's elsewhere.

I do not follow that, too.  I was too anxious to post the description
so that I posted it without careful checking of the situation.

The buffer that satisfies both the two predicates there is the buffer
" *partial-output-*", the value of its variable `gud-minor-mode' is
copied from the one inside `gud-comint-buffer', in my case it is
'gdba.  Its name, " *partial-output-*", does not match the regular
expression too.  And of course it does not visit any file.

This is where the bug is.  Since buffers like " *partial-output-*" are
created with the function `gdb-get-buffer-create', perhaps we should
prevent all buffers that can be created with this function, besides
the ones prevented by the existing predicates.

Guanpeng Xu
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