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Re: choice for the new emacs icon

From: Miles Bader
Subject: Re: choice for the new emacs icon
Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2008 15:27:54 +0900

Dan Nicolaescu <address@hidden> writes:
>   > What's wrong with the "new Emacs icon" that we adopted for Emacs 22?
> The icons posted are not new, they are further refinements of
> emacs/etc/images/icons/emacs*.png AFAIR they were discussed before
> being checked in.

Those icons in the tree say "..._mac.png" -- i.e., they're for the mac,
and thus I suspect off most peoples' radar.

[OSX both has somewhat different conventions (e.g. pen == editor), and
seems to generally use much larger icons that other systems (so the
tradeoffs are different).  These new icons look very "OSX"...]


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