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Re: [21.1.90]: point put at point-min in *compilation*

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: [21.1.90]: point put at point-min in *compilation*
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2008 10:28:34 -0500
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>>> But scrolling still has to occur for you to be able to see if
>> there's
>>> anything to read.
>>> That is not true.  Starting a new compilation erases the buffer.
>>> So you will certainly see that the output has started.  Then you
>>> can read it at your own pace.
>> Yes, you can read it by scrolling through it - that was my point above.
>> With a default of nil you still _always_ have to scroll yourself,
>> whereas with a default of t you _only_ have to scroll yourself if (a)
>> you see there is something worth reading and (b) the compilation hasn't
>> stopped anyway because that something was a fatal error.  And with t you
>> get the visual cue of progress status.
>>> If it scrolls automatically I often can't even SEE if there is
>>> something I want to look at.  And supposing I do see, by the time
>>> I can get my hands on the keyboard to type anything, a lot more
>>> output will usually have come out.
>> Iff you think you might have missed something, then you can scroll
>> back.

> Uh no, you can't.  By the time you found the Prior button, twenty pages
> of material will have gone by.

Both options are a M-< (resp. M->) away from one another in this
respect, so it doesn't really matter whether 1 or 20 pages follow or
precede the interesting spot.


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