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RE: Image DLLs for the Windows binary of Emacs 22.2

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Image DLLs for the Windows binary of Emacs 22.2
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2008 11:28:50 -0800

> > Any comments or a decision about the other image DLLs?
> I'd also like to see them included.  Emacs on Windows 
> currently is like a building kit and users don't particularly
> like this.  Following the AUCTeX release today we already had
> a user who rather wants to keep his old installation instead
> of getting the official Emacs 22 package because putting
> everything together was too time consuming for him.

FWIW, I second everything Ralf said.

FWIW2 - On MS Windows, users are used to just downloading and clicking a
couple times to install an app. Lennart's EmacsW32 provides that - great.
But AFAIK, users need to fiddle a bit to not include Lennart's enhancements.

That's my case - I want vanilla Emacs, but a complete vanilla Emacs - with
images, for instance. And I don't want an installer to just put Emacs where
it wants, or reassign `emacsclient' to the Emacs version that it installs,
or anything like that. [Apologies if my memory of what the EmacsW32 does is
inaccurate - it's been a while since I tried it.]

I would like for Windows users to be able to just download Emacs, put it
where they like, and be good to go, without missing basic things such as
images. Whether there is an installer (like Lennart provides) or not is not
so important, IMO, unless that is also required for some reason to be able
to have a complete working Emacs (images etc.).

As far as I am concerned (just one user), I don't mind  moving files (e.g.
executables) around and setting config (e.g. path) variables, if that's
needed to have images. But users shouldn't have to do the equivalent of
`make' or have any particular tools (e.g. cygwin) installed, just to be able
to have a workable Emacs with images. If Emacs needs particular dlls to
provide images, then they should be part of the Emacs installation.

If we do have an installer someday as part of the Emacs distribution, then
its default behavior should be to *not* install any special enhancements.
Any enhancements we think might be appropriate for use on Windows should be
available as Emacs options. (That includes automatic use of `emacslient'.)

I don't particularly want to start a discussion on this. I really just
wanted to express my feelings about lack of images out of the box for Emacs
on Windows.

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