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Re: Image DLLs for the Windows binary of Emacs 22.2

From: Lennart Borgman (gmail)
Subject: Re: Image DLLs for the Windows binary of Emacs 22.2
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2008 22:58:27 +0100
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Jason Rumney wrote:
Reiner Steib wrote:
On Thu, Jan 31 2008, Reiner Steib wrote:
Any comments or a decision about the other image DLLs?

Unless someone comes forward willing to do the work involved in finding an up to date version of each library that builds on Windows, then it isn't going to happen. I put in the work for the XPM library, because without that library the toolbar and other images built into Emacs do not display correctly. For other formats, I don't think the benefits outweigh the effort required.

AFAIR we decided to not include those libraries because if we did we would have to repackage the distribution if new libraries were released because of security problems. But I have to keep track of the image libraries for EmacsW32 so I can give some input about them.

But since someone mentioned here again that there are users that find it too much work to put everything together to get Emacs working on w32 then maybe something like I package together in Emacs+EmacsW32 could be used?

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