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Re: change cursor type when idle

From: Dan Nicolaescu
Subject: Re: change cursor type when idle
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2008 08:11:02 -0800

"Drew Adams" <address@hidden> writes:

  > >  - There's too much code, the compatibility code should go
  > It already went. I sent Thi the update (off list), as he requested.

  > >  - Too many knobs to turn
  > Be specific. "Too many" begs explanation.

8 defcustoms, 1 minor mode, one toggle-* function seem a bit
excessive for the intended target of this package.

  > >  - What's the point of changing the cursor when emacs is idle?
  > >  - What's the point in changing the cursor in a read-only buffer?
  > >  - Someone that uses input methods should comment if changing 
  > >    the cursor for when doing that is useful.
  > >  - Changing the cursor in overwrite mode seems like a good idea, other
  > >    editors do it too.
  > Juanma replied to these questions. Each can be useful in come contexts. None
  > should be mandated for users, of course.

I don't think he did, not in a way that would justify adding this to emacs.

  > I'd add that change when Emacs is idle can be useful to help you see where
  > the cursor is. Idle Emacs can mean your attention is not currently at point.
  > (This change is only from bar cursor to box.)

_I_ am totally unconvinced changing the cursor when is useful, not just
featuritis. You might be able to convince other people though...

  > >  - IMO we should only consider adding this if we are willing 
  > >    to turn it on by default.
  > Which? All?

Yes, all that it's considered useful. I motivated this:

  > >    If it's not considered useful enough to be on by
  > >    default, then it seems like fluff that it's not worth documenting.

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