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Re: change cursor type when idle

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: change cursor type when idle
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2008 10:45:36 -0500
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> Since it works just fine as it is, I prefer to keep things as they
> are now - rather than insisting on separating stuff at the cost of
> reduced functionality and interoperatibility (e.g. copying a marked
> rectangle to the global-mark works fine now - since the global-mark
> and the rectangle functions know about each other...).

> And since you can just use cua-mode without the cua-bindings, I don't
> really see why having the "cua-" prefix is such a problem to (some)
> people.

Indeed, there are various levels of "separation".  It seems that CUA has
several features that can currently be used independently (although
their implementation still interact).  That's good.  It means that from
the user's point of view, they are independent, and should thus be
documented as such.

> I wish someone would volounteer to write a cua.texi manual describing
> all the features.

Even just a few starting hints would be good: how to enable each major
feature (e.g. the cursor stuff, the rectangle stuff, ...).


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