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Re: buffer is modified after commit

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: buffer is modified after commit
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2008 08:53:40 +0100
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> edit
> save
> rotate
> edit
> save
> undo undo undo...

Maybe define

(defun restore-buffer-unmodified-unless-saved (arg)
  (when (or (and (not (buffer-file-name)) (not arg))
            (and (file-exists-p (buffer-file-name))
                 (equal arg (nth 5 (file-attributes (buffer-file-name))))))
    (restore-buffer-modified nil)))

and add

(setq buffer-undo-list
      (cons '(apply restore-buffer-unmodified-unless-saved
                    (when (and (buffer-file-name)
                               (file-exists-p (buffer-file-name)))
                      (nth 5 (file-attributes (buffer-file-name)))))

to `highlight-changes-rotate-faces', but that would constitute yet
another ugly hack.

What's really needed is a new entry type for `buffer-undo-list' like the
(nil PROPERTY VALUE BEG . END) one but when applied not causing a change
in the buffer-modified status.

> By the way, I've installed a change on the 22 branch which should fix
> the buffer-modified-p problem (and removes this number 3 hack).


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