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RE: choice for the new emacs icon

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: choice for the new emacs icon
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2008 10:38:51 -0800

RMS> Maybe we should go back to the kitchen sink icon.
RMS> It was the funniest of all the Emacs icons.

Sure. It could be given a new look (?) (but not a newer sink). Go forward,
not back, but keep the spirit.

Why not be frivolous or impudent instead of designerish? It really doesn't
matter much what icon we use. But the less professional, serious, and
business-like the better, IMO. Let's lighten up, and not try to look classy
(for the icon).

If it somehow made a humorous statement about software freedom, without
being verbal (it's an icon) or preachy, then that would be a plus. Put
something on desktops all over the world that steps out of or upsets the
global corporate mindset a bit. Not offensive, but offbeat, or at least back
beat. That's Emacs - a different drum.

The mushroom had a lot going for it, too. Stood for unbounded imagination
(if not outright hallucination), in my book.

No flames, please - I'm OK with the 22.1 icon, the proposed round-button
icon, the retro sink icon, a new mushroom, abstract art, or anything else.
If we could get away with (ab)using the golden arches or some other
corporate logo in an Emacsy way, I'd probably vote for that.

Whatever it is, keep it simple.

DK> I don't think [the kitchen sink] properly reflects
DK> the end user polish we have taken pains to apply to
DK> Emacs in the last decade or so.

Right. It's just an icon. It doesn't need to have end-user polish. Emacs
needs to have good end-user behavior, but it doesn't need to have an icon
that "properly reflects" that. Emacs is free. And it's quite improper, if
you ask those who are proper.

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