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Re: Woman path : adding l10n man pages

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: Woman path : adding l10n man pages
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2008 01:35:46 +0200
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>> As I see the current locale system in Emacs is quite a mess.  I think we
>> should carefully redesign it and also get rid of language environments
>> that are in fact a redundant duplicate of the locale system.
> I suppose it depends on what you mean by "the locale system" --
> obviously the _mechanism_ use by the traditional locale system, with
> environment variables etc, doesn't fit Emacs very well; Emacs needs
> things to be more dynamic and flexible.

There are two related tasks in etc/TODO that I hope will be implemented:

** Improve language environment handling so that Emacs can fit
  better to a users locale.  Currently Emacs uses utf-8 language
  environment for all utf-8 locales, thus a user in ja_JP.UTF-8 locale
  are also put in utf-8 lang. env.  In such a case, it is
  better to use Japanese lang. env. but prefer utf-8 coding system.

** Enhance locale handling:  handle language, territory and charset
  orthogonally and de-emphasize language environments.  Use the locale
  to set up more things, such as fontsets, the default Ispell
  dictionary, diary format, calendar holidays and display, quoting
  characters and phrase boundaries, sentence endings, collation for
  sorting (at least for unicodes), HTTP Accept-language, patterns for
  directory listings and compilation messages, yes-or-no replies,
  common menu items when the toolkit supports it ...  `locale-info'
  needs extending for LC_COLLATE &c.  [fx started on this.]

Juri Linkov

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