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Re: Debbugs testbed

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Debbugs testbed
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2008 15:29:56 -0500
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> I've configured a testbed of debbugs that can be used.  There currently
> is one package configured (emacs), and a temporary mailing list,
> address@hidden is set as the maintainer.  [You can
> browse its archives at
> http://lists.donarmstrong.com/pipermail/emacsbugs/ or subscribe at
> http://lists.donarmstrong.com/mailman/listinfo/emacsbugs .]

> The web interface is currently here:

> http://emacsbugs.donarmstrong.com

Thank you very much for that.

I see it needs some general search&replace (it refers the user to
bugs.debian.org, packages.debian.org, and things like that).
But that'll do fine for testing.

I guess all that we need is a script somewhere that will read the bug
reports we receive on address@hidden and
address@hidden, extract all the info we can from them,
reformat them to fit debbugs's needs, and send them to
address@hidden, right?

One of the (many) things that aren't clear yet is: what if I want to
keep an eye on *everything*?  It seems I can keep an eye on all the
debbugs activity relating to a particular "package" (tho the doc points
me to http://packages.qa.debian.org/ for that, so I'm not sure how that
relates to debbugs), but what about keeping an eye on all packages?

I understand that in the context of Debian, that wouldn't make much
sense because of the sheer volume, but in Emacs that's what we
currently do.

Also how can packages be added/merged/removed/renamed?
E.g. seeing how there isn't any support for development branches, it
would make sense to (ab)use packages for that.  E.g. we'd have
a "lexical" package to keep track of bugs in the
lexical-scoping branch.  But if we ever decide to merge this branch into
the trunk, then all bugs from that package would need to be moved to
the "emacs" package.

Also I'd like to have some way to get a list of all available "packages".


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