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Re: Tentative diagnosis of TMM's problem. [Re: Enabling TransientMark Mo

From: Lennart Borgman (gmail)
Subject: Re: Tentative diagnosis of TMM's problem. [Re: Enabling TransientMark Mode by default]
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2008 23:32:43 +0100
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Drew Adams wrote:
Question: Is it important that the region stay active when you move point?
If not, then perhaps (in t-m mode) we should always have point movement
deactivate the region.

In my opinion it is important to behave as other application when it is possible this means that:

- The region should be highlighted when active
- Using shift arrow keys should not deactivate the region
- Using arrow keys without shift should deactivate the region
- Something similar for the mouse but I do not know the details since I do not use the mouse for text editing.

On the other hand I find it very pratictal that the region stays active for many other commands that moves the point (C-s for example). This is the case for cua-mode today.

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