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Re: Enabling Transient Mark Mode by default

From: Stephen J. Turnbull
Subject: Re: Enabling Transient Mark Mode by default
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2008 06:15:02 +0900

Sascha Wilde writes:

 > One important reason against it is, that it makes uses of the mark
 > ring other than marking text very unpleasant.  [...]  In such cases
 > the highlighting of text between point and the last mark is
 > distracting and useless.

True.  However, I've found that zmacs-regions (the XEmacs equivalent
of tmm) cooperates very well with two other features, namely
pending-delete mode (ie, the active region is deleted when you type
into it) and navigation by isearch (which sets the mark but does not
activate the region).  I'm willing to put up with this annoyance for
that reason.

A similar use occurs with M-> and M-< (mark is set but region is not
active).  I wonder if it might be worthwhile to have "big jump" motion
deactivate the region.  I rare do things like C-SPC C-n unless I'm
marking text to operate on, and then I want (unobtrusive :-)
highlighting, while the highlighting is annoying in the case of C-SPC
C-v much of the time.

 > typing C-SPC C-SPC is still possible and easy.

YMMV but I don't find C-SPC C-g that bad.

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