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From: Gilaras Drakeson
Subject: Re: MAINTAINERS file
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2008 11:19:04 -0400
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Hi all,

I have been lurking on this list, until now ...

      What is the real situation? Do we have data about the
      number of users of Bazaar vs. git or mercurial?

   The real situation is that numbers don't matter, except in a popularity

I strongly disagree here. In the choice of a distributed VCS, popularity
is an important factor not to be ignored. Technical issues are second to
that for practical purposes [*].

Having a single common distributed VCS among the large community of free
and open software developers can be very beneficial to the whole
community, in ways that were not possible until very recently.  Dividing
the community into bzr and git sects wastes this opportunity.

I can only hope that every relevant party puts the current (and
predicted future) usage numbers in their decision.

Gilaras Drakeson

[*] CVS and even RCS are in use today, which is not because of technical

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