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Re: Feature request : Tab-completion for 'shell-comand'

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: Feature request : Tab-completion for 'shell-comand'
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 02:31:35 +0200
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>     One solution for `minibuffer-message' is to put an overlay at the end
>     of the minibuffer with the message and don't wait.  Any new call to
>     `minibuffer-message' could replace the message on this overlay shared
>     between several calls to `minibuffer-message'.  Any cursor movement
>     will remove it like cursor movements remove the message displayed
>     by `message'.  Would this work?
> What user-visible behavior are you proposing?
> (I am not sure from those words.)

I thought about something like a new function `message-minibuffer' to be
called in the minibuffer instead of the current `minibuffer-message', e.g.:

(defvar message-minibuffer-overlay)

(defun message-minibuffer (message)
  (setq message-minibuffer-overlay
        (make-overlay (1- (point-max)) (point-max)))
  (overlay-put message-minibuffer-overlay 'evaporate t)
  (overlay-put message-minibuffer-overlay 'after-string
                                          (format " [%s]" message)))

But it seems impossible to add an overlay *after* the cursor
at the end of the minibuffer, like `minibuffer-message' already does
inserting the message after the cursor at the end of the minibuffer.

Juri Linkov

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