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Re: Feature request : Tab-completion for 'shell-comand'

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Feature request : Tab-completion for 'shell-comand'
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2008 02:12:01 -0400

    This is due to the special function `minibuffer-history-isearch-message'
    that doesn't call `isearch-message' if isearch is not failed.

Is that in the trunk only?  I cannot build the trunk; it has failed
ever since the unicode merge.  I am using Emacs 22, so I saw different

    3. Type a search string like "search string".
    When isearch fails, it will display using `minibuffer-message':

    I-search backward: text [Failing I-search backward: search string]

I don't think that is desirable output.

    5. But currently it displays:

    Failing I-search backward: search string

Perhaps failing searches should continue displaying that.
I am not sure what is best for them  to display, but we should
not let that decision be forced by limited behavior of `message'.
We should choose the output we want, and make sure we have primitives
that can display it.

Perhaps we should change `message' should be changed to act like
`minibuffer-message', but then add a new function which continues to
do what `message' does now.  Then isearch could use that.

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