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Re: VC state

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: VC state
Date: Mon, 07 Apr 2008 11:16:22 -0400
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>> - there should be a way to operate on (sub)directories.

> You mean something more than M-x vc-status DIR/SUBDIR RET ?

Yes.  There's sometimes an important difference between passing "src/"
as the argument vs passing all the files in "src/" that appear in the
vc-status (beside the fact that the former does not require you to
first mark each one of those files).

>> - it should be possible to add an entry in the display (like PCL-CVS's
>> `I') so as to then operate on it.

> Interesting, didn't know about this feature.  I'll implement this.

I already mentioned it several times when we were talking about which
files should be shown: without `I', any choice other than "all" is
occasionally problematic.

>> - indicate files with conflicts (probably requires changes in backends
>> as well to provide that info).

> This has been in Todo for a while, displaying this stuff is trivial, VC
> needs just to provide the information.  Someone just needs to sit down
> and figure out how it's supposed to work in VC...

With some backends (E.g. Svn and Bzr), it would make a lot of sense to
make it a new vc-state, since you need to run `(svn|bzr) resolve' to
switch from that state to `edited' and you can't commit before.

In other bakends, it's less clear.  Maybe you should try to simply add
`conflict' as a new `vc-state' and see how it works out.  This will
require checking all uses of `vc-state' to adjust them to the new state.


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