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Re: regexp does not work as documented

From: David Koppelman
Subject: Re: regexp does not work as documented
Date: Sun, 11 May 2008 10:36:49 -0500
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I agree pretty much with everything Chong Yidong writes.

I rather not bother the user with an additional question if I don't
have to, the alternative would be a warning.

My latest plan is to do what Chong Yidong suggests, setting up text
properties so that font-lock DTRT, though it doesn't seem as hard as he
suggests (I'm still in the naive enthusiasm stage). I tried adding the
font-lock-multiline property to the face property list passed to font
lock and that did the trick, even with the font-lock-multiline variable
nil. I rather do that than turn on font-lock-multiline because I'm
assuming that font-lock-multiline is set to nil in most cases for a good

Rather than perfectly distinguishing multi-line from single line
patterns guessing would be good enough for hi-lock. I'm using the
following regexp,
"\\(\n.\\|\\\\W[*+]\\|\\\\[SC].[*+]\\|\\[\\^[^]]+\\][+*]\\)", which
hopefully isn't too far from covering a large majority of interactively
entered patterns.

I actually thought about properly parsing the regexp, but the effort to
do that could be spent on making multi-line patterns work properly, at
least if they don't span too many lines.

One more thing, multi-line regexp matches don't work properly even with
font-lock-multiline t when jit-lock is being used in a buffer without
syntactic fontification and using the default setting of
jit-lock-contextually, setting it to t gets multi-line fontification to

I plan to play around a bit more and come up with something,
maybe today, maybe early this week.

Chong Yidong <address@hidden> writes:

> Ideally, highlight-regexp should work automagically, instead of forcing
> users to do something extra to make their multi-line regexp work
> properly.  The right way to do this is probably for hi-lock-mode to
> process the buffer initially, setting up text properties to make
> font-lock DTRT even for multi-line expressions.  But that's a big job.
> As for making hi-lock-mode detect whether or not a regexp is multi-line,
> isn't that a computationally non-trivial problem?
> Maybe making hi-lock-mode turn on font-lock-multiline, while not
> foolproof, works often enough to be satisfactory.

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