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Re: regexp does not work as documented

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: regexp does not work as documented
Date: Sun, 11 May 2008 21:28:18 -0400
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> A better solution would be to have font-lock use multi-line extended
> regions selectively. Perhaps a hint in the current keyword syntax
> (say, explicitly applying the font-lock-multiline property), or a
> separate method for providing multi-line keywords to font-lock.

I don't understand the difference between the above and the application
of font-lock-multiline properties which you seem to have tried and rejected.

I don't necessarily disagree with your rejection of font-lock-multiline:
it can have disastrous effect indeed if the multiline region becomes large.

> Such keywords would get the multi-line extended regions, the other
> just the whole-line extensions (or whatever the hooks do).
> Is this something the font-lock maintainers would consider?

I guess I simply do not understand what you propose.  Any improvement in
the multiline handling is welcome, but beware: this is not an easy area.

>> (while (re-search-forward <RE> nil t)
>>   (font-lock-fontify-region (match-beginning 0) (match-end 0)))
> I wouldn't do that without suppressing other keywords.

FWIW, I do pretty much exactly the above loop in smerge-mode and
I haven't heard complaints yet.

>> If someone wants that, I have a parser that takes a regexp and turns it
>> into something like `rx' syntax.  It uses my lex.el library (which
>> takes an `rx'-like input syntax).

> That sounds useful, either E-mail it to me or let me know
> where to find it.

Find the current version attached.  Consider it as 99.9% untested
code, tho.  Also you need to eval it before you can byte-compile it.
And I strongly recommend you byte-compile it to reduce the
specpdl usage.


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