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Re: 23.0.60; SEGV in font_score()

From: Kenichi Handa
Subject: Re: 23.0.60; SEGV in font_score()
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2008 14:58:39 +0900
User-agent: SEMI/1.14.3 (Ushinoya) FLIM/1.14.2 (Yagi-Nishiguchi) APEL/10.2 Emacs/23.0.60 (i686-pc-linux-gnu) MULE/6.0 (HANACHIRUSATO)

In article <address@hidden>, James Cloos <address@hidden> writes:

> Since upgrading from an early May CVS tip to this past weekend's tip
> I've had Emacs crash four times.  I attached gdb and caught the most
> recent one.  The backtrace is:

> [Switching to Thread 0xb73a96c0 (LWP 13397)]
> 0x081847bb in font_score ()
> (gdb) where
> #0  0x081847bb in font_score ()
> (As you can see, my default compile is with -O2 and no -g options.)

> Every crash has occured when displaying gnus' *Article* buffer with a
> new message.  This last time the only difference from the default font
> choices is the resource 'emacs.font: DejaVu Sans Mono:pixelsize=14'.

I can't reproduce it.  Please find a precise recipe to
reproduce the bug, or compile font.c with -g and find
exactly where in font_score Emacs crashes.

Kenichi Handa

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