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Re: buffer name completion is case-sensitive now

From: Richard G Riley
Subject: Re: buffer name completion is case-sensitive now
Date: Sun, 08 Jun 2008 21:55:32 +0200
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Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> writes:

>> Date: Sun, 08 Jun 2008 20:32:46 +0200
>> From: Richard G Riley <address@hidden>
>> Cc: 'Emacs-Devel' <address@hidden>,
>>      Richard G Riley <address@hidden>,
>>      Drew Adams <address@hidden>, 'John Paul Wallington' <address@hidden>
>> > On Windows and MacOS, nowhere else.  And the buffer system is not
>> > operating system dependent.
>> I am sorry - I use Debian and it changed for me. Buffer selection was
>> always case insensitive for me before. At least I'm pretty sure it
>> was....
> Well, then please tell in what version of Emacs is that, because in
> Emacs 22.1 on Ubuntu it's case-sensitive.

This is all very strange. I only noticed the case sensitive change
recently. I had never experienced it before. I am willing to believe
that something else I had loaded made if case insensitive - possibly
ido? But when I dumped IDO in favour of Icicles I noticed the case
sensitive behaviour.

Anyway, I will leave it to you more experienced sorts to figure out the
best way. But, fwiw, I feel it's better to have case insensitive buffer
selection. It just seems quicker and more appropriate.

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