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Re: Feature freeze postphoned to end-July

From: Alan Mackenzie
Subject: Re: Feature freeze postphoned to end-July
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2008 16:42:16 +0000
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Hi, Yidong!

On Tue, Jun 10, 2008 at 12:03:30PM -0400, Chong Yidong wrote:
> We originally planned to begin the feature freeze at the end of June.
> For various reasons, however, three of the important features slated for
> Emacs 23 (ECB, window grouping, and Emacs.app) won't be ready by then.

So, clearly, the Emacs-22 branch is dead.  You probably announced this
in another thread, one I haven't read.

With ECB built in, this will be something massively to look forward to!

> Therefore, we're postphoning the feature freeze to the end of July.
> We'll supply a more precise date soon.

> Thanks.

Alan Mackenzie (Nuremberg, Germany).

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