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Re: Ntemacs chooses wrong font.

From: Jason Rumney
Subject: Re: Ntemacs chooses wrong font.
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 09:36:17 +0100
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Kevin Yu wrote:
> character: 实 (23454, #o55636, #x5b9e)
> preferred charset: gb18030 (GB18030)
> code point: 0xCAB5
> syntax: w which means: word
> category: C:Chinese (Han) characters of 2-byte character sets c:Chinese
> |:While filling, we can break a line at this character.
> buffer code: #xE5 #xAE #x9E
> file code: #xCA #xB5 (encoded by coding system chinese-gb18030-unix)
> display: by this font (glyph code)
> -outline- -normal-normal-normal-mono-13-*-*-*-c-*-gb2312.1980-0 (#x1172)
> Emacs displays the font family name as:"\320\302\313\316\314\345"

This is a bug, but it should at least be consistent, as there is no
encoding in either direction.

> those octal bytes represent for "新宋体", in fact it isn't the font I
> tell emacs to choose for Chinese characters.

How do you tell Emacs which font to use for Chinese characters?

I am trying to reproduce the scenario here so I can see what is going wrong.

> By the way, in the elisp manual, all localized strings are showed as
> octal bytes, Here's an example:

I don't see any localized strings in the elisp manual. Perhaps that is a
problem with the version of makeinfo that you use to build them. It is
not related to the font names, anyway.

>     > -outline-Monaco-normal-normal-normal-mono-13-*-*-*-c-*-iso8859-1
>     (#x03)

What does the following report if you press C-x C-e at the end of the line?

(insert (prin1-to-string (list-fonts (font-spec :family "Monaco"
:registry "iso8859-1"))))

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