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RE: Face remapping on mouse menu

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Face remapping on mouse menu
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008 09:01:17 -0700

> > Are you suggesting to replace the dialog to choose a font for the
> > current frame by a dialog to choose a font for the current 
> > buffer? Is that essentially what you are suggesting?
> >
> > Can you please describe the changes you propose more 
> > concretely? What bindings for what menus, what changes to the
> > existing menus, reasons, etc.
> The idea is for shift-down-mouse-1 to pop up a context menu something
> like this:
>  Increase Text Size
>  Decrease Text Size
>  Change Buffer Font
>  Restore Default Text Size
> The operations in this menu would affect the text in the 
> current buffer only, via the face-remapping code.  The
> "Restore Default Text Size" item
> would simply remove the face remapping.
> With GTK/Fontconfig, the "Change Buffer Font" item pops up a GTK font
> dialog to choose the font for the current buffer.  On Win32, 
> it pops up
> a Windows font dialog for the same purpose.

Thanks for the clarification.

Sounds good to me. Would we also want to include something in the menu to do the
same thing for the frame? Or perhaps for all frames? Or perhaps for all buffers
of the same mode?

I'm thinking that what users will typically want to do is one of these: 

1. Change the font for the current buffer (what you propose).
2. Change the font for the current frame (what we used to have).
3. Change the font for all buffers that have the same mode as the
   current buffer.

We might accommodate all of these use cases with the same menu items, just by
including a multiple-choice set of radio buttons at the end of the menu:

(.) Current Buffer
( ) Current Frame
( ) Buffers with Current Mode

The last of these would affect also future buffers in the current mode, not just
existing buffers in that mode.

Regardless of whether this idea appeals to people, I am in favor of the change
you proposed: current buffer instead of current frame.

> Otherwise, it would be a
> submenu containing the old mouse-select-font choices.

I didn't quite understand that part.

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